Measurement Canada Authorized Service Provider

Measurement Canada, an agency of the federal government, has announced changes to the Weights and Measures Act designed to protect Canadian consumers. Originating due to public outcry over measurement errors at gas pumps, these changes apply to all measuring devices, including scales. The new bill (Bill C-14) includes mandatory re-certifications for devices in the following trade sectors:
  • Trade Sector 01: Fish & Fishing Products
  • Trade Sector 02: Logging, Forestry & Forest Products
  • Trade Sector 03: Grain & Field Crops
  • Trade Sector 05: Mining & Metals
  • Trade Sector 06: Downstream Petroleum
  • Trade Sector 15: Dairy Farms / Dairy Products
  • Trade Sector 18: Retail Gasoline (including propane scales)
  • Trade Sector 22: Retail Food
    In addition to previous seizure penalties, the new bill also introduces increased fines for non-compliance, severe fines for repeat offenders, and places the responsibility for accuracy upon the trader and their employees.

  • As a Trader or Business, what does this mean for my scale(s)?
    The Weights and Measures Act places the responsibility of ensuring measurement devices function accurately and are not used in a fraudulent manner on the owners and operators of these devices. If you sell goods or services based on weight, your scale must be certified Legal For Trade. If you operate in the designated trade sectors, your scale is subject to mandatory re-certification. This could be every year up to every 5 years depending on the trade sector and type of scale.

    When do these changes come Into force?
    The changes come into force August 1st, 2014 but are being rolled out based on location over the next 2 to 3 years to stagger service delivery. Call Western Scale and we'll help you determine your trade sector, when your scale was last certified, and the applicable enforcement date.

    What are the penalties?
    A system of administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) has been established as a deterrent against measurement errors. For example, if your scale is certified but found to be inaccurate by Measurement Canada Inspectors, you may be charged an AMP (A civil infraction similar to a parking ticket). Amounts will vary depending on the circumstances, the type of commodities being traded, and no criminal charges result. Penalties are more severe for fraudulent use or refusal to have a scale certified or re-certified. These may result in prosecution with court-imposed fines:
  • Up to $10,000 for a minor offence
  • Up to $25,000 for a major offence
  • Up to $50,000 for repeat offences

  • Where can I find out more?
    Here is a link to Measurement Canada's FAQs on the subject: http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/lm04283.html, or feel free to contact our Quality Manager at 604-941-3474

    How can Western Scale help?
    As an Authorized Service Provider, Western Scale can help by:
  • Determining the compliance timeline for all your scales
  • Ensuring that the scales used are suitable for the application
  • Inspecting and certifying devices on behalf of Measurement Canada
  • Performing necessary repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Working with customers to establish weighing processes, test methods and maintenance programs that ensure Weights & Measures Act compliance, Quality System conformance and increase the bottom line.

  • History
    With government resources stretched, Measurement Canada worked to establish an accreditation system with the private sector to ensure the marketplace was being adequately served. The first Authorized Service Providers were accredited in the early 2000s to certify scales on Measurement Canada's behalf. The train of thought is that the ASP sells, installs, and repairs the scale so they are perfectly situated to perform the certification too. Measurement Canada now focuses on providing training to ASPs on how to perform inspections and audits their work throughout the year. Measurement Canada still maintains inspectors who perform random scale inspections, respond to consumer complaints and can take enforcement action such as:
  • Reject and seize a device
  • Issue an AMP
  • Enforcement actions are the responsibility of Measurement Canada, so when an ASP comes to look at your installation, you can count on them for advice on how to get compliant without risking a fine.

    Western Scale Co Ltd. has been Measurement Canada Accredited since 2003. Our experienced Recognized Technicians serve all industries throughout Metro Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and southwest BC. In other areas of BC and the rest of Canada, the companies of our Dealer network specialize in top quality service and are also Measurement Canada Accredited. Call 604-941-3474 today for more information.